Keyvan Roshanbin

Maryam Ahi

Keyvan Roshanbin
Born in 1981 in Tehran, Iran
Graduate in Visual Communication
Member of Institute for promotion of visual arts.
Selected Group Exhibitions
2018 – Pure Drawing Museum, Tehran
2017 – Shokoh Art Gallery, Tehran
2017 – Chahar Art Gallery, Tehran
2016 – Laleh Art Gallery, Tehran
2015 – Kamal Art Gallery, Alborz
2006 – Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 2001 – Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

« Mysterious Gardens »
« What makes a pile of plants to be called gardens? Opposite common definition of garden mine are barrier less, without restriction and area. I cannot even say what type of plants they accommodate in… For me, gardens are limited to my sight of nature. They do not have order and arrangement; they are confused like me and my surroundings. My gardens lost their symmetry and they are left without gardener. Without gardener full and elegant. They have been versed and they have poetic quality. I did not mean to draw anything all this time, I was thinking about lost Mysterious beauty of Iranian Gardens. Iranian gardens without gardener and enchanted. » Keyvan Roshanbin