M°87 Sahar Salehi

3 500.00

  • Title : from the serie  » Travel inside « 
  • dated : 2018
  • High : 100 cm
  • Width : 150 cm
  • Material : oil on canvas

«My paintings tell stories, which depict i images the travels of «me» as a woman. It is the travel through history through all that women have endured. It is the attempt to create a world beyond the real world, where there is freedom from earthly realities, and where I am in control of the circumstances. My mind is engaged in a dialogue between the past and the present and this unsustainable feeling, which i try to recreate and unite with, and which asks the question, who are you ? » Sahar Saheli.

Sahar Salehi

Diploma &Training courses: master degree of art and architectural university Bachelor of architecture, member of iranian art association member of development visualization of art license certification of visualization arts education from ministry of guidance education and train concert, university teacher of practical science jahad university teacher,trainer teacher of cultural ministry.  Exhibitions:  Pimonteartistico individuals painting gallery,  torino italy 2012 , Torino Italy 2018 individual painting gallery of pimone artistico, 2013 turino gallery painting exhibition,Borgo, Rome italy, 2014 individual exhibition paintings association museum in Ghazaghestan almaati Exhibition painting of themed imam in capri island, chertoza, group exhibition of forty young iranian artistes, brussel, Belgium 2015, Poland, 2015, Greece 2015 choice of binary 2015 florence , group exhibition of 2012 moscow and 45 domestic exhibitions, end of winter 2011,art centre gallery house in 2016 and 2013 and individual 2015 at the same centre, 4th binary of islam world and .....   

Information complémentaire

Dimensions 5 x 150 x 100 cm