Faezeh Baharlou

Maryam Ahi

Faezeh Baharlou was born in 1988 in Ahvaz. She studied painting in bachelor’s degree and did illustration in master’s degree. In her job experience, she has had several group exhibitions and five solo exhibitions. During her painting career, she paints inanimate nature(still life). Suffice to say, she is interested in illustrating everything that will be illustrated, rather than illustrating books.

This F. Baharloo’s Still Life painting is a combination of paradoxical elements with an eastern spirit. The composition in this work has all the familiar aspects of classic Still Life works, but the painter uses different approaches to describe her imagination, concept & technic: the vicinity of completed objects with their full details & uncompleted fading dissolving objects, or, – In other words- a wide aesthetic range between realistic and unrealistic elements that could be interpreted to the sense of uncertainty.