God & Goddess n°4 – Zahra Shojaei

  • artiste : Zahra Shojaei
  • né en 1979 à Kerman Iran
  • matériau : papier-mâché
  • hauteur : 32 cm à 30 cm
  • édition de deux pièces
  • signée sur une des pièce  » Zahra Shojaei « 

 » Ever since I remember, I have been fascinated by the nature with all of its fascinations. Nature is the epitome of God. As Ibn Arabi (famous mystic from Andalusia) admits, « God is asleep in the rocks, he dreams in plants, he moves in animals, and he wakes up in man. » In my work I like to capture the beauty and simplicity of the nature. With all due respect for nature all materials of my work are recycled and found objects. Most of my work made with Paper-Mache (recycled-paper paste). This medium allows me to express the texture and feeling of earth, the background of the nature, and the armatures of my sculptures made from recycled objects like plastic bottles, packaging Styrofoam, broken woods, etc. Using recycled materials subliminally directs our minds to think about how much we pollute nature. Among my work there are some goddesses of fertility and water, a symbolic reunion to support the nature and help it to restore itself, in this time. Often, my works have eyes that means they have souls they can watch us and thus they can judge what we do to the nature. My sculptures become alive with a little touch of illustration. I adore sculpture and illustration both equally and my work explores the relationship between sculpture and illustration. Sometimes The materials can unexpectedly suggest different things from what I originally had in my mind. It is very important for me to let these variables flow freely and come back to the concept of having fun with your materials and your work.  » Zahra Shojaei

Produit épuisé

Zahra Shojaei

" I was born in Kerman, Iran, in 1979, my family relocated to Tehran, where I live to this day. My interest in painting and in art in general, manifested at a very early age. I studied graphic design at Alzahra university of Tehran in bachelor degree, between 1997 and 2001, then in 2004 I started study art reserche in master degree, and graduated with distinction in 2007. After finishing my studies, I follow my faviorate field in art, illustration, by participating in illustration courses run by Morteza Zahedi for four years. From that time my creativity gradually grows. In line with that I took place in sculpture courses by Morteza Zahedi and Mohammad Mardi. Among all those techniques, paper-mache has attracted me highly. Since 2014, consistently I have made paper- mache sculptures. Besides these I miss art studies and I have started phd in art reserche since 2019. Now I study and work as an sculpture- illustrator simultaneously, and enjoy both of them. "  Zahra Shojaei


Information complémentaire

Dimensions 32 cm