N°M199 – pomegranate


  • artist : Parvin Heidari Nassab
  • title : Big pomegranate
  • technic : enameled ceramic pottery
  • size : 15 x 15 cm
  • limited edition

Enamel created by the oxidation of various metals on the ceramic or clay body during cooking in a gas furnace with nitrate and carbon derived from combustion of fuels (wool, grease, etc…)

Parvin Heidari Nassab

Education: 1991 Islamic Azad University , Tehran, Iran Bachelor of Art , English Translation. 1983 Iran`s School of Calligraphy, Diploma of MUMTAZ, in classical Islamic /Persian Calligraphy, Tehran Iran. Skills: Creates modern Islamic calligraphy & illuminations. Expert in the field of restoration and preservation of antique Islamic calligraphy, papier mache boxes, book Cover, pen box, illuminations& Islamic paintings. Work Experience: 2000-2001 Repair &re-print of a 17 th Century Quran by Ahmad Neyrisi ( Calligraphy& Illumination) for Litho Kocher Druck , Germany. 1984-2005 first official female instructor ,Iran`s School of Calligraphy, Tehran,Iran. Awards: 1997 The 1st World Festival of Islamic Calligraphy. “Best Art work” in the category of painting & Calligraphy. 1995 The 2nd Biennial of Islamic / Persian Painting.” First place : Bird and Flower”. 1993 The 1th Biennial of Islamic / Persian Painting. First Place : Bird & Flower, illumination. Exhibition: 2003 Seyhoun Gallery painting- calligraphy & ceramic,Tehran-Iran, solo show. 2002 Ziba Gallery , painting- calligraphy, Canada, group show. 2002 Seyhoun Gallery painting- calligraphy, Teharn -Iran,solo show. 2002 Mirage Gallery , painting- calligraphy, Dubi, group show. 2002 Mojavari Gallery , painting- calligraphy,Koln-Germany , group show for Norooz. 2001 CountryYard Gallery , calligraphy, Dubi,group show. 2001 Biennial of Ceramic 7th Mashad-Iran, group show. 2001 Seyhoun Gallery , calligraphy on ceramic ,Tehran –Iran ,group show. 1999 Stavenger Cultural Center, calligraphy, Norway group show. 1999 Seyhoun Gallery painting-calligraphy,Tehran-Iran, solo show. 1998 Art Addiction exhibition, Venice-Italy, group show. 1997 Beijing Art Expo ,China, group show. 1997 Seyhoun Gallery , painting- calligraphy Tehran-Iran ,solo show. 1997 The First Annual Islamic world Calligraphy Festival, Tehran-Iran 1996 Valee Gallery,water color, Tehran-Iran, solo show. 1995 Keyhan Gallery , water color,Tehran-Iran,group show. 1995 The second biennial of Islamic Persian paintings,Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. 1994 Valee Gallery ,water color, Tehran,group show. 1993 The First biennal of Islamic Persian painting,Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. 1993 The First women`s exhibition of calligraphy,Shiraz-Iran,group show. 1988 Hafez Memorial ,calligraphy, Shiraz-Iran,group show. 1986 Cultural center of Italy,calligraphy,Tehran-Iran,groupshow . 1984 Iranian contemporary calligraphers ,Lahore –pakstan,groupshow. Publications: A selection of the first Iranian calligraphy Festival ( page 112) publisher Visual Arts 1997. ‘ Die Meisterschreiber”/ Contemporary calligraphy (page31-44) publisher Benteli Verlag Bern – Switzerland,1998. “ Parvin Atesame poems, Iranian`s Poetess, calligraphy the part of TARKIBAT(page 95-155)1994. Permanent collections: The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran-Iran Two works in the category of Bird & flower and two works in Kufic calligraphy with illumination One illuminated page of calligraphy by Ferdousey, an 11 th century Persian poet. Museum of Iranian culture, organization of handmade crafts Two works of Birds & Flowers

Information complémentaire

Dimensions 15 x 15 x 15 cm