n°1031 – The peliculiar of creatures

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  • artist : Godratollah Agheli
  • title : The peculiar of creatures
  • date : 2017
  • high : 42 cm
  • width : 21 cm
  • depth : 28 cm
  • color : black/brown
  • material : bronze
  • edition : 1/3

Getting Used to the Mores*
In many societies, political and social alterations might bring changes in occasions, principles, actions and reactions of the previous wings. As a result, it affects the behaviour and words of the people in a society, becoming great social transitions during the time and in one or more generation(s). In this respect, some signs have earned different implications and the themes and concepts transform and/or get upside-down; hatred and compassion, afar and approaching, the natural and the strange and so forth. They have replaced each other and made the situation look “normal” based on their own principles. Whatever there is, looks like a normal routine and we all get used to it anyway.
Agheli’s “The Peculiar of the Creatures” is exhibiting such situation; getting used to the mores, habits and routines, originating from individual’s psychological situations, to attending social arena which generally shapes our life today. Getting used to such habits not only deprived us from having any action, but it replaced it with adopting such passive frame. That is how we, strongly, keep repeating and getting overwhelmed with the mores, while our body and soul is captured in a tight frame and prevents us from actions. It is in this seemingly-natural situation that we become the peculiar of creatures.

Godratollah Agheli

Ghodratollah Agheli was born in Azerbayjan, Iran in 1968. He decided to study art after he attended Mirak art school. He, then moved to the capital and professionally studied visual arts for four years. He has had more than twenty five solo exhibitions, and attended sixty five group exhibitions, biennales and expos in Iran, Germany, France, England, Austria, Ukraine, Morocco, Dubai and Qatar. His recent artworks also has been exhibited in sixth international biennale of art in Beijing, China, and fifty sixth international biennale Venice, Italy in Iran's pavilion. Creating forty monumental artworks, reliefs and city memorials has been among his artistic experiences. His sculptures are in art museums and some private collections. "Venus in the Land of Passion" 2012, and "The Slow Death of a Smile" in 2013 were exhibited in Tarahan-e Azad gallery and his "Middle east" collection titled as "Oil" in Shirin gallery was exhibited in 2014. His last, but not least, collection, "The Peculiar of Creatures" would be exhibited in Sareban gallery in his twenty sixth solo exhibition.

Information complémentaire

Dimensions 28 x 21 x 42 cm