N°1198 – Turning Epochs

2 000.00

  • artist : Omid Khakbaz
  • title : Turning Epochs
  • date : 2018
  • material : Mix media on canvas
  • high : 80 cm
  • width : 80 cm

The present collection is a distinguished example of the artist’s abstract approach towards writingand penmanship for having a formalistic creation. Despite his return to traditional elements and features (a combination of calligraphy and mirror-work) and laying emphasis on the concept of passing times and the creation of a symbolic, secret atmosphere, the collection is based on a random arrangement of letters. For this reason, the recurrence of meaningless words and letters in every part of works is indicative of evolution in thought and artistic taste, in departure from calligraphy tradition to lettrism. Omid Khakbaz, in this collection, attempts to have freedom in performing calligraphy without caring about traditional rules and principles. Therefore, he applies the circular form in a centripetal composition being indicative of the inclination of everything towards its origin. This matter, in terms of mystic interpretation, is also visible in Eastern art and architecture. Although these two issues may seem different at first (one is totally abstract and recurring, the other, figurative), this is the exact quality/characteristic seen in Islamic-Persian architecture, especially in brick-work and mirror-work of religious and historic buildings. In the present collection the painter aims at reading a mysterious and wonderful image of Persian art history. This trend is ranging from the brick-work of Seljuq domes to amazing mirror-work of Qajar period. He invites us during this long journey to visit the magnificence of those recurring, invocation-like motifs and arrangements of bricks and rectangle mirrors of the Persian circular domes. Color and light, in this way, take a major role in the works of the artist. Perhaps it is due to the extraordinary, unusual size of his canvases and the presence of delicate mirror-work as well as the reflection of light and colors in calligraphic forms that such works assert tremendous influence on the addressees, as if they are sauntering in a lovely, pretty orchard.

Omid Khakbaz

Born in Tehran in 1979 Education : Associate Degree in Painting Master in Graphic Design Exhibitions : 2014 Group Exhibition of Haft Negah 8th event 2015 Group Exhibition of Small Paintings in Aria Gallery 2016 Exhibition of Blue Persian of Museum of Contemporary Art, Ahvaz 2016 Group Exhibition of Paintings,  Assembladge and optical art- Fereshteh Gallery 2016 Solo Exhibition in Armenia “Hovhannes Toumanian” museum in Yerevan 2016 Group Exhibition of Calligraphy, B-Art Gallery 2016 Group Exhibition of Calligraphy, Niwan Gallery 2016 Group Exhibition of Calligraphy , Fereshte Gallery 2016 Group Exhibition of Calligraphy, Iranian Art Museum GardenArt 2016 Group Exhibition, the fourth of art party - Iranian Artists forum 2016 Group Exhibition, Contemporary Art works  - 30 * 30 , Iranian Art Museum Garden 2016 Group Exhibition of Calligraphy Contemporary Artists, Negah Gallery 2016 Group Exhibition of Contours of conpassion - Rumi- ,  Art center Gallery 2016 Group Exhibition of  New Wave  Deheshpour Gallery 2016 Group Exhibition Haft Negah 2016 Group Exhibition On Behalf Child Labour in Negah Gallery 2017 Group Exhibition of Small Paintings, Niwan Gallery 2017 Group Exhibition of Springtidi, Hapta Gallery 2017 Group Exhibition of Professional Calligraphist, Fereshteh Gallery 2017 Group Exhibition - Artwork for Sale, Shams Gallery 2017 Group Exhibition titled Naghshe Baran, The Arts Club- On Behalf  Kermanshah Victim of Earthquake 2018 Group Exhibition, Dargon Galley 2018 Group Exhibition of Calligraphy Iranize, Negah Gallery 2018 The Fourth Annual Sale Deheshpour Gallery 2018 Group Exhibition of Rumi Seven Art Gallery, Istanbul 2018 Group Exhibition 100 Artists - 100 works, Golestan Gallery 2018 Group Exhibition  Artwork Sale Calligraphy, Negar Gallery 2018 Group Exhibition of Calligraphy  titled Koch, Shoukoh Gallery 2018 Group Exhibition of Calligraphy, Shirazeh Gallery - Shiraz 2018 Group Exhibition titled Ham Ghalam ba Navaye Ostad, Naghsh o Khat  Gallery 2019 Fajr Festival of Visual Art titled Chahar Souyeh Honar (four sides of Art) - Ghasr Art Museum / Atbin Gallery

Information complémentaire

Dimensions 5 x 80 x 80 cm