N°1213 – Hossein Azadi

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  • N° 1213
  • Title : From the dreamless collection dated : 2018
  • High : 110 cm
  • Width : 350 cm
  • material : fiberglass and stainsteel painted in red color
  • edition : unique edition
  • signed « Hossein Azadi 2018 »


    « Our madness never ends. It only gets worse.
    Little by little,
    step by step,
    they push us to the edge of self destruction. Our madness never ends.
    It become an open-door for our downfall
    or a self-made world to be drowned in. » Hossein Azadi

    Dreamless Collection
    Every morning I wake up a raging dream, distressed by the trembles of strokes on iron.
    My city, this chaotic construction workshop is constantly transforming and making it impossible for me to access the fancy images of my past.
    I, however, stand against all this and picture my concerns for my ancestors, history, death and love by sculpting them with concrete, globes, iron and rust, in order to prevent them from being forgotten.
    Women are the center of this subject by pointing them in red and very symbolically forms.
    Some hour, some day, in a season as cold as ashes, each of these sculptures has fertilized the endless heaviness of the foggy horizon of this life in me.

Hossein Azadi

Born 1979, Hamedan, Iran Painting B.A., University of Art,Tehran, Iran, 2005 Solo exhibitions: "Dreamless" Etemad Gallery,Tehran, Iran, 2018 Solo installation, 66 Gallery,Tehran, Iran, 1999 Group exhibitions: Iranshahr gallery,3rd figurative sculpture exhibition,2019 Evian gallery, tow portraits 2019 Art gallery.afficall, the third sculpture expo of Iran. 2019 Etemad gallery,2019 Hoor gallery,2019 Asia House, London, UK, 2018 Khak Gallery,Tehran, Iran, 2017 Iranian artists House,Tehran, Iran, 2016 Niavaran cultural center(Urban arts week),Tehran, Iran, 2016 Collaboration with Bita Fayazi(Four years, Four projects), Neauphle-le-Château house,Tehran, Iran, 2015 Iranomutomorphosis.net(contemporary artists from Iran), Italy, 2014 “Ra’d”VisualArts Expo,“Ra’d” charity foundation,Tehran,Iran Magic Persia exhibition, Dubai, U.A.E, 2009 Kharazmi Festival, Hamedan, Iran, 1998 Pirnia Visual Arts Festival,Yazd, Iran,1998 Group exhibition, Hamedan, Iran, 1997

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Dimensions 35 x 35 x 110 cm